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Don't we say that we often return to our first loves?

When our life is turned upside down by a tragic event we tend to rebuild ourselves by leaving the past behind us, because we know that nothing will ever be the same again and that most certainly it is the healthiest thing. to do to allow us to mourn what we had planned, what could have been, what should have been ...

I knew that I had to continue to challenge myself and it was only natural that the competition imposed itself on me.

What pleasure I have felt throughout these last years to fight, to surpass myself and to reap the fruits of my work, sometimes even more than I would have dared to hope.

Today, however, it is obvious to me. What I am at the bottom of my soul has not changed and the world of competition is very far from that of the circus, acrobatics and all this artistic world that is part of my DNA.

I feel privileged by life because I have the choice, the choice to leave the competitions aside and to return to what has always animated me, what makes me vibrate.

A new challenge, yet another new beginning, new joys in perspective ...

And, as always, I am supported, I do not go on a solo adventure, on the contrary, I take my team and above all I take you, my audience.

So ready?

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