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Between 2012 and 2021,
132 international races + many sporting challenges,
121 x on the podium,
including 80 x 1st place

European Champion,
vice-world champion,
marathon speed records Berlin, Hamburg, Forchheim, Heidelberg
best world time in the marathon,
1st place European Handbike Circuit
overall winner Handbike Trophy
2 x Giro d'Italia winner,
World Cup victory.

Long distance para-cycling & Ultra-para-triathlon:
  - 2019, Tour des Lacs: 1000 km handbike & racing wheelchair, 70 km in and on the water, 30 lakes crossed,     swimming & bellyak, 11 passes, in 15 days.

  *   2018, Pyrenean Raid, 800 km, 28 passes, in 10 days (handbike)
  *   2017, Les 7 Majeurs, 7 passes over 2,000 m in 7 days (handbike)
    with the title of "Honorary Grand Master" for having been the 1st para-cyclist to succeed in this challenge
  *   2016, "Switzerland at arm's length", 13 Swiss alpine passes, 18,000 m elevation gain

TWIICE exoskeleton
  *   2021, Global Innovation Challenge winner
  *   2020, Cybathlon
  *   2017, 3 x Cybathlon Experience winner
  - 2016, 4. place Cybathlon.
Cybathlon is an international competition for people with motor disabilities and using robotic technologies to compete. This championship takes place every 4 years and was created to promote the development of functional and useful technology, so that it can be used in everyday life.

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