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- One of the day- Utopia Journal Danse - by Francesca Senzasono Groux

- ITALIANO Il percorso InSuperAbile di Silke Pan

- ITALIANO Edizione Straordinaria Flash- Utopia Journal Danse
  - da Francesca Senzasono Groux

  Impossible is not Silke Pan - The Regional, by Valérie Passello

- Silke Pan: Taming the impossible- by Dominique Delasoie

  The Swiss Clinic talks to Silke Pan

- Silke Pan, The thirst for life - Text: Mia Demmler, Journal Jura, photo Tania Lander

- Silke Pan or limitless pugnacity - godmother for Elle Spirit Open, tennis tournament

- Mystery interview, 10 questions for ... by Hervé Lochmatter ,
  FGD Stuttgart photo

- ITAL 30 laghi in 16 giorni: la paratleta ce l'ha fatta- Ticino Online

- ITAL La paratleta Silke Pan completa la sua impresa in Lugano - Testo: La Regione, Foto: Ti-Press

- Silke Pan made his handicap his strength- by Christiane Baudraz

- Silke Pan finishes his tour of the 30 lakes in Ticino - text: La Liberté redaction, photos: Ti-Press / Keystone

- RADIO RTS, Vintage, guests of the day: Camille Destraz and Silke Pan

- ITALIANO- Silke Pan al traguardo, he "tour de force" - testo: giornale del Ticino, foto: FGD Stuttgart, Antonio Gerratana

- ITALIANO- Quando lo sport supera ogni limite- testo: Thomas Schürch

  - DUTCH - DOE reizen - Wheelchair Traveler Silke Pan

- ITALIANO- 1000 chilometri a braccia- RSI

- National Day, Silke Pan wants to deliver a message of hope - text: Hélène Krahenbuhl, photo: Sacha Bittel

- Silke Pan wants to cross 26 lakes in 15 days - text: Blaise Bugyll, Photo FGD Matthias Krieger
  Radio interview  "Tour of the Lakes"

- Silke Pan on top of the world - by Jonathan Corbillon

- And yet she walks - text: Blaise Droz, Photos Stéphane Gerber

- RADIO RCF (BE) "Conquering the summits" with Théo Mertens

- RADIO RTS-Sport Première: Silke Pan & Pascal Bärtschi share their adventures

  RADIO Exoskeleton TWIICE, technology at the service of man

- RADIO LFM: Silke back from Viva Tech with the exoskeleton & why she supports Handi-Challenge

- RADIO the guests at 12:30 p.m.- Silke & Coline Confort, the film Alla Vita

- Silke Pan meets Illustrated subscribers

- The exoskeleton, robot of hope for paraplegics - by Lea Huszno

  Web Strategy,  "Whatever happens in life, we always derive benefits" - by Guillaume Stévenin

- Always stronger, always higher - Text: S. Ceccon-Renevey, Photo: S. Bonjean

  Radio Interview 



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